How To Apply

The key to a successful study abroad experience lies in understanding the process from the beginning. Start planning now by exploring the 5 easy steps below which will explain the EMGS process, provide you with the relevant checklists and answer any questions you may have before you arrive in Malaysia.

Choose Course & University

So you are thinking of studying in Malaysia? Malaysia offers a diverse range of study options for a variety of specialisations.

Upon Arrival to Malaysia

Upon arrival at the airport / entry point in Malaysia, you will be required to show your Visa Approval Letter (VAL) at the immigration check point.

Apply for visa

Once you have accepted the offer from the institution, the next step will be to apply for your visa to travel to Malaysia.

Student Pass Endorsement

Once your student pass has been issued, EMGS will issue your student identity card (your iKad). You will also receive the insurance card (if you have opted to purchase Insurance through EMGS).

Travel to Malaysia

Make sure you give the educational institution details of your port of entry (airport), arrival date and time before leaving your country for Malaysia.

We can help you with..

Choose Course & University 100%
Apply for Visa 50%
Travel to Malaysia 75%
Upon Arrival to malaysia 60%

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